Actress and disability campaigner Melissa Johns has joined the #EveryBodyInAds campaign for representation in fashion for positive body image and good mental health.

About Melissa Johns

Melissa Johns is a Manchester based, British actress and model with a disability, born without her right hand and forearm. She played character Imogen Pascoe in ITV’S Coronation Street as well as roles in BBC’s The Interceptor, Casualty, Doctors and SILK. She trained at East 15 Acting School and is represented by West End agency Wintersons.

Melissa is a fervent campaigner for disability and body image. As well as her support for the #EveryBodyInAds campaign Melissa is ambassador for Invisiyouth and Models of Diversity .


Melissa Johns models Onyx and gold teardrop Necklace for Trinkets Jewellery

About disability and body Image, Melissa Says...

Disability has been at the back of the queue for too long. It's time to step it up and push for a place at the front. Where it is seen. Where it is celebrated and where it can empower others with body differences. Throughout our lives we look for people that represent us. That look like us. And that shapes how we see ourselves. How we view our bodies. Who’s the person closest to my body image that can help me feel empowered? Actors and Models like me help represent body differences and show us the uniqueness of the human body. But “we” are more than that. “We” don’t just stand for representation. “We” stand for celebrating the bodies we were given and enjoying every part of being different.

It’s time for everyone to play their part. Clothing brands, advertisement companies, businesses that market products. It’s time for everyone to think: ‘What can I do to represent the 20% of the population that are currently completely under represented?’


Melissa Johns models Onyx and gold teardrop Necklace for Trinkets Jewellery