About Amanie:

Amanie Illfated South Sudanese singer, producer, model, author, and activist based in Toronto. Amanie has been rising in popularity in Canada and worldwide as a result of her 2015 eponymous EP and her soon to be released EP, ‘Saturn’.

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Amanie Illfated Models Bold and beautiful statement necklace

Amanie Says (about the EveryBodyInAds Campaign and body image):

My reason for signing on to this campaign has a lot to do with my confidence.

My family came from South Sudan to Canada when I was 3 years old. I deal with a lot racism during school because of my dark skin, sexism because - in my culture - a woman must cater only to a man, and emotional, physical and sexual abuse. On top of that, I have small body (short and thin). In my culture, a woman is supposed to be bigger and taller to be sexy so I went through a lot of bullying from family members. Girls from the country that I come from are going through the same things today.

It took me years to feel comfortable with my body shape, my height, and my skin. All the years of torment were difficult to undo and once I finally could get out of it, it was the most freeing thing ever. I want girls to know that no matter what kind of abuse you've gone through and no matter what kind of societal expectations exist, your body is your body and you can be comfortable in it. It is yours.


Amanie Illfated Models Bold and beautiful statement necklace