Amy says:

About me:

After years of hating my body and being unhappy with how I want born, I'm finally at a stage in my life where I have accepted myself and my disability. I'm an amputee and have forever hated myself and the way I was born. As an amputee - fashion & clothing were so difficult as a young woman and growing girl. I felt too ashamed to wear dresses without tights, too ashamed to ever have my legs out (one of my legs is a prosthetic) and I would dress in clothes that completely hid myself and hid my disability.

Recently I started a blog talking about my experiences and I have never felt more free. I was wallowing in self pity & had crippling low self esteem until I shared my story. I'm 20 years old and something just clicked - after reading the stories from other disabled people and parents of disabled children, all the positive feedback, I feel like a new woman. A woman that's totally proud to be who she is, who's not afraid for ashamed- happy with the way she was born.

I can't wait to wear your necklace my birthstone and prove to the world that I'm Amy, I was born this way and I couldn't be happier. You know what? If someone offered me 2 normal legs - I'd say no! Haha. I love myself and I wouldn't change me for the world.:)

I have finally internally healed myself by sharing my story :)

... I'm finally happy in my body.


Amy wears Ruby red austrian crystal droplet pendant


About the campaign:

I think what you are doing is absolutely fantastic - it has inspired me so much. I'd love to be a part of this campaign. Your campaign has opened up so many opportunities for many different people around the world and it's so touching to read their stories. You are changing the world by being inclusive and promoting diversity - it's the people like all those at trinkets jewellery that truly make a difference in this world. This campaign is the most beautiful thing I've ever came across.


Amy wears Ruby red austrian crystal droplet pendant