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Arden says

About me

As a Body Image and Eating Disorder Expert, advocate, activist, Psychotherapist and Wellness Life Coach running "Mindful Self Care: YOU are your MOST significant other" workshops and Mindful Intuitive Eating Support Groups for Women, I am thrilled to be wearing the special necklace you selected for me.

I'm all about Self and Body Acceptance with an emphasis at reaching Health at Every Size (HAES) approach. I am all about making a difference in the lives of Moms and girls and with that in mind, I wrote the book, What Do You Expect? She's A Teenager! My daughter Samara is the inspiration.


Arden Wears Bold and beautiful statement necklace (BLACK)


About my style

My style I'd describe as fitted, sexy, youthful for a 65 year old gal with lots of enthusiasm, spirit, positivity and energy. I love the color Orange and have shirts and a dress or two. Love black and white as well-NY colors. I love funky clothes as well-leathers with cool boots, wedge shoes. Love jewelry-costume and cool!


Arden Wears Bold and beautiful statement necklace (BLACK)


About the Campaign

I am thrilled to be a part of your #EveryBodyInAds campaign. I'm excited to be on your web page among strong beautiful women of all different shapes who love and like their bodies minds and spirits. Our bodies are wondrous, meant to dance and walk through our unique journeys! I love that you make a difference through your beautiful jewelry line.


Arden Wears Bold and beautiful statement necklace (BLACK)