Charlotte says:

About me and my style

In terms of my personal style. I have a bold quirky style. All of my clothes are second-hand - kinda vintagey. But that can range classic fitted little black dresses to total a hippie vibe. For example, today I paired patent brown leather platform brogues, with black tights, black shorts and African print smock and fitted full length grey coat, for when I am out in the rain. But my jewellery is ALWAYS big, chunky, statement stuff - today I've been wearing huge wooden beads. I do prefer to have medium to long necklaces.

I think my sentence about me would be; I'm a single mother, I'm a grandmother, I'm a PhD history researcher and I love being me.


Charlotte wears blue and clear diamond style sunflower necklace.


About the campaign

For the campaign I'd like to add; Campaigns like this are essential in helping to maintain the mental health of today's women and girls. We live in a culture saturated with inescapable images of unattainable photoshopped 'perfection'. This can negatively impact our self-esteem. I have directly suffered as a result of this. Campaigns like this prove that 'every woman' is beautiful. Therefore 'we' are beautiful too. The more campaigns like this, the more that crucial message is reinforced. Beauty is universally ours!!


Charlotte wears blue and clear diamond style sunflower necklace.