Chloe says:

About me

I'm twenty one years old.  Currently I'm working as a legal secretary but I'm saving up and I hope to become a barrister. I'm quite short, curvy and blonde.I would describe myself as loyal,loving and determined.  As for my taste in fashion and jewelry, I have quite eclectic tastes- I love really delicate, dainty stuff but I also adore anything which makes a statement and is eye catching.  If I had to describe my style in one sentence it would be "feminine but fierce".

I love luxurious  textures (my boyfriend has to drag me away from all the faux fur in the shops) and rich colors.  Since I've started work as a secretary, my outfits have had to be quite muted so I find myself upping the style stakes at the weekend and pushing myself to try new trends (although I do prefer pieces which are timeless but you have to push yourself outside of your comfort zone!).

Chloe wears Royal blue and turquoise flower necklace

Chloe Wears Royal blue and turquoise flower necklace from Trinkets Jewellery


About the Campaign

I'm a feminist and a huge supporter of the selfie. I think its hugely important for women to reclaim their own image and self worth. We're constantly bombarded with messages of how we should look and what we should wear and the way we should act. You feel very insecure because it's only the rare person who can actually fulfill this image. It's difficult for women and in particular Irish women to like how they look("Thanks hun, Penney's Best). We are conditioned to think that a beautiful woman should not know she looks well or else her beauty will be ruined by her vanity. That's why selfies are so important because it is a person saying to the world "This is what I look like. I like it enough to show you". The more selfies there are in the world, the more representation of beauty in various body types, skin color, abilities etc.

That's why I love the idea of this campaign so much. Not only is it creating more representation but it's fighting back against the larger issues at play in the media. Instead of saying "oh that's terrible" and doing nothing, this campaign is taking a stand. If everyone does something small, those acts become big enough to change our world.

Trinkets Jewellery says "Thanks Chloe you said it all!"

Chloe Wears Royal blue and turquoise flower necklace from Trinkets Jewellery