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Daisy says

About me

So I'm 50, single mum to three teenagers, the two youngest still live at home with me and our crazy Labrador, Milo.
I work as an office manager in a university - very small but busy department - and my job does involve a certain amount of travel.
We have a couple of black tie events that we attend through work during the course of the year, but outside of that, workwear is pretty much smart casual.
I do wear dresses much more than jeans or leggings. I'm pretty much a fat activist I would say. I am training in coaching and I hold body confidence workshops. I love clothes and I tend to wear exactly what I like, I don't obey any kind of "rules".
Feel free to look at my Instagram (daisyhollands) if you'd like to, for an idea of my personal "style" (I do use that word loosely!) and there are more photos on my blog as well.


Daisy Wears Multi tone 5 layer necklace on gold double chain


About the #EveryBodyInAds campaign

I first encountered Fiona of Trinkets Jewellery on Twitter - I love Twitter! It has introduced me to so many interesting people that I would never normally meet.
I was intrigued and inspired by Fiona's campaign to introduce diversity into advertising. This is a bold, brave and very overdue step. Using "ordinary" women in her adverts, Fiona is displaying her beautiful pieces in the real world and the best part is, as customers, we get to see women who look just like us - not the air brushed, photo shopped apparitions we are usually served.


Daisy Wears Multi tone 5 layer necklace on gold double chain