Kate says:

About my style:

With a nickname like GlamHamm I think it's clear that my passion for feeling great in my body comes across loud & proud! I love feeling glamorous in big, bold, colourful statement necklaces which glam up any outfit. Why wear just one colour when you can be a rainbow?


Glamorous Kate in Cream and Gold diamante necklace

About me and the campaign:

Since the age of 5 when I was told I looked like I'd "swallowed a basketball" in a dance class, I'd learned to be ashamed of my body. I didn't fit. I wasn't like everyone else. I was too big, too loud, too much.

It takes a long time to un-learn this ingrained disordered thinking but now as a strong woman in my thirties I've learned to appreciate how amazing my body is and I'm loving every second in this abundant body of mine!

It's sad that it has taken so long to find my groove and self-confidence. I wasted so much time feeling not good enough. I'd hate for anyone else to wait so long to start enjoying their bodies and appreciating every inch of their awesomeness. I'm delighted to be a part of this campaign, together we can change the world!

I absolutely love the body diversity work that Fiona is doing within this campaign. Celebrating women and our beautiful individuality is such a refreshing approach in a world where fashion magazines & the diet industry tells us we're not good enough. WRONG! We rock Xx


Kate is awesome in Cream and Gold diamante necklace