Leyah is founder of the body confidence revolution, columnist, Positive body image & mental health activist. More about Leyah here .

Leyah says:

About me

I would say that my style is a modern take on vintage, particularly of the 1950's. I love combining the glamour and femininity of the era with grungy accessories and makeup. I do not hold anything back when it comes to my sense of personal style. I wear what makes me happy and do not allow myself to be shamed by anyone else for doing so.


Leyah Shanks wears Bold and beautiful statement necklace


About the #EveryBodyInAds Campaign

I'm thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful campaign. Intersectional representation in the mainstream media is such an important thing which is unfortunately still to this day not a reality. The way we are represented has such a profound impact on our self-esteem and currently said impact is undeniably negative. It's great to see brands like trinketsjewellery challenging this head on and putting pressure on big international brands to follow suit and showcase beauty in ALL of its forms.


Leyah Shanks wears Bold and beautiful statement necklace