Michelle says:

About me:

In my spare time I am writing a book. Be prepared for an emotional yet at the same time hysterically funny read as you join me on my rollercoaster journey of life & mission to self actualise that shows through adversity new doors can open & how even when holding the pen our story can end in a completely different way than planned!

Being asked to model for & be sponsored by @glamsticks has been incredible. Mobility aids that reflect an individual's style and personality make such a difference & it is an honour to be a glamsticks ambassador & it has helped build my own body confidence too and hopefully give a very positive message out & help others feel body positive too. Glamsticks are a great conversation starter too & Sharon is a very talented lady making each bespoke design by hand. http://www.glamsticks.co.uk http://www.glamsticks.co.uk


Michelle Wears Gold and pewter tones shamballa beaded bracelet

About the #EveryBodyInAds campaign::

I feel very privileged to have been asked to take part in the #EveryBodyInAds campaign. Disability doesn't mean dull & a girl can never have enough sparkle! I feel it's really important for ads to keep it real & represent those of us with disabilities and Fiona's campaign is empowering & inspiring


Michelle Wears Gold and pewter tones shamballa beaded bracelet