Sharon says:

About me:

I am a business woman who likes to ride motorbikes in my spare time, because of always being in bike gear I enjoy the chance to get dressed up and feel a little special and amazing jewellery makes you feel extra special.


Sharon wears attractive laser cut necklace.

About Glamsticks™:

Glamsticks™ is your one-stop shop for designer mobility aids! Just because you need mobility support does not mean that you have to put up with a dull, functional grey colour! Glamsticks™ are bespoke, Bling designer crutches, individually crafted for your personal use

Glamsticks™ means the world to me, it is not just my business sometimes it is my reason to face the day. Please keep an eye on my the website for upcoming promotions and events .


Sharon wears attractive laser cut necklace.

About the #EverybodyInAds campaign:

The lack of representation of people with disabilities like myself makes me feel unaccepted as a human being. Taking part in the campaign is amazing and a feeling of Empowerment and achievement, I tend to shy away from the camera but I quite enjoyed doing these pictures.


Sharon wears attractive laser cut necklace.