Shannon says
About me.

My taste can vary depending on the mood I am in on the day, but being a woman of 25 I feel it’s hard to keep up with the latest styles as it is always changing. On a daily basis when I am going to college I like to wear short little 60 skirts that I have in a few different colours with tights and knee high socks and of course my doc martins, with a polo kneck. I love the 60s but I am very punk meets rock chick as well. With these outfits I have a small pair of love heart silver earnings with diamonds in them that I wear every day with and any bracelet.

When I go out on a night out I love little dresses that showcases your body off, for example little black dresses are my favourite, preferably with no patterns as I love my jewellery to make the dress stand out. My taste in jewellery is very simple, I love thick ones with diamonds in it silver or gold depends on the dress, or if the dress is simple is just a very thin chain with a small pendant on it. For my ears I really love big earrings that hang down with lots of stones in them.

I enjoy all jewellery that is shiny and makes a statement, and really makes my outfit stand out. I am a real girly girl when I see thinks that sparkle I just melt :)

Shannon wears Double row clear gem stone bracelet from Trinkets Jewellery


 About the campaign.

I was extremely inspired to read your short piece on how you want normal everyday non Model women to feature on your site to model your glamorous pieces of jewellery. I think this is a great way to get women to feel confident in themselves again and to show their inner and outer beauty. I would really love to take part in this campaign. You inspired me to do something I thought I would never apply for...

You really made my day and it's lovely to know that there is someone out who believes in true beauty . I think this idea is so inspiring to many women that you see true beauty no matter how you look. Your article has made me very happy to know that there's someone out there that doesn’t want a perfect model . This gives women a chance to believe in the inner and outer beauty. Thanks for the confidence boost . I am very excited to start the process and encourage people especially young women the same age as me to take part. I was once told that beauty comes at all ages and I could not agree more.

The selfie one is quite funny we are all guilty of it now I think :)

Shannon Wears wears Dimante encrusted heart centre pendant from Trinkets Jewellery

Shannon Wears wears Dimante encrusted heart centre pendant from Trinkets Jewellery