Joanne says:

About me:

Like most women, I've always looked at the magazines portraying women as glamorous, thin , young and nubile and then (wrongly) comparing myself and conjuring up nothing but inadequacies and being ashamed of my body. Looking back over the years, I've realised from looking at photos of myself and my family that I wasn't ugly or fat- I was me and I looked happy and healthy and didn't see any of the flaws I would have said I had if I'd been asked at the time like a double chin, a saggy tummy; I didn't appreciate my own body and I regret all that time I spent putting myself down and thinking I was inadequate ; what a waste !


Joanne wears Elongated heart pendant on a long snake chain.

About the campaign:

I wish the campaign had been around when I was younger ; anything that challenges the false representation of women and the perceived perfection we are pushed and cajoled, shamed and incentivised to strive to be is vitally important and absolutely necessary. Plus the jewellery is as amazing and unique as all the beautiful and diverse women wearing it - I love my statement necklace. Thank you Fiona for the jewellery and the message you are doing so well at promoting .


Joanne wears Elongated heart pendant on a long snake chain.