In the first set of pictures received for the campaign to see more 'real women' used in advertising meet Ciara below sporting a ring and necklace purchased at Trinkets jewellery. Thanks Ciara! The first of many we hope.

"Ciara, 41, : I live in London with my husband and two young children, although originally from Sutton, Dublin. I work full time and found the link to Trinkets Jewellery, through a friend on Facebook.
I love to brighten up solid colours on a night out with some bright jewellery and this necklace tops the bill!! My added bonus ring is gorgeous and because it's not a fixed size, I can wear it on any finger!"

  I work full time in the City for a large investment bank. My dress style is quite conservative for the office (mainly solid colours of greens, blues and black). I can be lazy with jewellery and like to keep it short (in length, so it doesn't keep banging on my desk) and simple on a day to day basis but having a statement piece to brighten an outfit up is always my "go-to" for nights out straight from the office. I also wear single bangles (again easy to take on & off at the desk!) .


 At weekends, I'm very casual as running kids from one sport to the other, as well as teaching swimming on a Sunday
Your campaign caught me eye on Facebook when a friend liked your article in the Independent.  I love to see every day women wearing jewellery as it gives me inspiration to wear mine more often.  I tend to ignore skinny models wearing clothes and jewellery that, to me at least, are completely impractical ! 
Your service has been impeccable to date and I will not hesitate in telling people about you and your website!!

The two pieces featured here are sold out unfortunately due to a recent high demand but watch this space ...