Deborah says

About me and #realwomen:

Hi, my name is Deborah! I’m 36 years old and a married mum of three hailing from the beautiful countryside of Co. Cork! I admire the #RealWomen campaign because it features real women from all walks of real life, rather than the airbrushed images we are regularly presented with on a daily basis giving us a illusion of a seemingly perfect image that simply doesn’t exist.

For me, I like to wear items that are simple and classic, and that also has a tendency to last many years rather than items that are ‘hot’ right now but that can look dated by the following year. And also, quite sadly, my budget doesn’t allow for me to update my items on a yearly basis, however much I wished it did!!


Deborah wears Delicate blues, navy and greens wild flower necklace from Trinkets Jewellery


About the #ImNotInvisible campaign:

I am currently helping a wonderful friend, Carol Brill, with her #ImNotInvisible campaign, which you can find on Facebook facebook here. The aim of this campaign is to have deafblindness recognised as a unique disability in Ireland, in which shockingly it isn’t as compared to the many countries that do recognise it.

My reason for being involved in the campaign is because I was diagnosed with a degenerative condition called Usher Syndrome three years ago, which basically means I’m losing my hearing and sight. I had nowhere to turn to for help to help me deal with the shock and the emotional fallout from my diagnosis, and to prepare myself for the changes I was to expect. I share Carol’s passion to have this changed as no one should go through what I did alone, as well as dispelling the myth that deafblindness equals completely deaf and completely blind.

There are many varying levels of sight and hearing loss, it’s most definitely not black and white! But despite the challenges I face, I still have a very positive outlook on life with daily sprinkles of humour and plenty of style!


Deborah wears Delicate blues, navy and greens wild flower necklace from Trinkets Jewellery