My name is Fiona De Buitlear (nee Kennedy). I am the owner here at Trinkets Jewellery. I Hail from Sutton County Dublin and now call Stamullen County Meath my home. Myself and my husband Ciaran have been living here for 12 years now and in that time we have been blessed with 2 amazing sons Sam (6) and Zack (2)

After working in the travel business I became a full time homemaker about 7 years ago. I started Trinkets Jewellery about 4 years back and now devote much of my time to running this business.

I started Trinkets Jewellery as I have a passion for Jewellery. I was finding statement jewellery I liked very hard to find and very expensive. There was very little choice in the high street shops and much of what was available was not of great quality. I decided to setup my own store and with a little help from Ciaran managed to do so. My mission is to bring Quality Costume jewellery to you my customers at a decent price. At my jewellery web store you will find many Statement pieces, unusual pieces and jewellery that is timelessly elegant. I have a large range of jewellery to choose from with about 200 different necklaces in stock right now for example. I like to say I have a piece of jewellery for every person, in every colour and to match any outfit.

I know that there are many busy people out there with very little spare time including mammies with kids and career women. It is not easy to shop for jewellery with young kids in tow and a lot of the time when you might be free to do jewellery shopping ironically the shops are closed! I would like to think that I am here for you so that you can find that special piece that you truly deserve :-)

I provide a secure payment service and always offer free delivery to anywhere in the world. There are no nasty surprises just when you are nearly finished checking out just to find out that shipping is extra and costs an arm and a leg!

I can provide a personal service to help you find that piece to match an outfit. Just contact me for help with any aspect of the website or for jewellery advice.

Why not contact me by Email?