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Erika says:

About me:

Living with Dissociative Identity Disorder can create distortions of how I view my body. Over the years I have looked in the mirror and not recognized myself, but body image as a whole is something that the fashion and lifestyle industry really lacks knowledge on. I take that back… They know what sells and insecurities far and wide seem to be how they gain, which is a seemingly unfortunate truth. With this, many struggle with their self-worth and image.

Now that I’m aware of my diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder-DID, a fact I was unaware of until recent years. All I knew previously was that I had “black outs”, couldn’t recall things people told me I had done or said and in more extreme instances how I had gotten from point A to B. I know far more about my life and the things my parts have been up to over the years, through therapy.


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About the campaign for representation in fashion:

When Fiona shared her #EveryBodyInAds campaign with me on twitter, I was beyond thrilled to have a hand in this wonderful idea. My parts have worked several of their own little projects over the years in regards to body image. One in particular had worked as a model and I, myself, have worked as a photographer up until a few years ago when I was restricted from working due to my health diminishing to such a point that I had to adhere.

The idea of placing every body in ads is a brilliant concept. People of all ages, races, and sexes can now be represented and that is a powerful thing.


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