I put up a blog post on this site a week ago about this idea I have and the reaction so far has been amazing....

As one newspaper article puts it “Irish Jewellery Business will send you a free piece in return for a selfie”

I put it this way: I believe that unrealistic images of women used in advertising leads to negative self esteem. I want to see more “real women” used in advertising and I am doing something about it. I will give away free jewellery in exchange for pictures of women wearing it to use on my website.

Please see my first blog post here for details

My facebook page has some of the reaction


A little of the FEEDBACK I have got so far:

“The idea of using average women wearing these stunning pieces of jewellery is wonderful and unique. Most women don't have the perfect hair, skin, nails and figure ,that models in advertising appear to have, but still look very good and still enjoy wearing nice jewellery. “
“I was extremely Inspired to read your short piece on how you want normal everyday non Model women to feature on your site to model your glamorous pieces of jewellery.
“fiona I'd love to do this. Its about time someone is doing this. it will be great for your website as well to see your jewellery being modelled”
“I came across your jewelry blog from reading the Independent and think of it as an amazing idea.”


Irish Independent (national newspaper, Ireland):

Irish jewellery business will send you a free piece in return for a selfie

Irish mirror (national newspaper, Ireland):

This Irish business will send you a FREE piece of jewellery - in exchange for a selfie

Women in Startup Daily News (Online newspaper, Canada):