#RealWomen to #EveryBodyInAds

The campaign started out as “ where are the pictures of real women in advertising? ”. I now prefer to say “EveryBody in ads” as the “Real Women” phrase can be troublesome to some folk. I think it implies that some women are not real and that is not the intention. This campaign is NOT against anyone identifying as a woman in any way. It is about learning to love yourself! It is open to anyone who likes to wear costume jewellery pretty much. The idea is that I give a free piece of jewellery to women who promise to send me some pictures of themselves wearing it. I use the pictures on my website and social media to advertise and promote my website and jewellery. I am currently “rebranding" the campaign to the following message :
Free Jewellery for a selfie #EveryBodyInAds
Realistic images and diversity in advertising improve women and girls self esteem

The genesis of the campaign

I guess the campaign started with me and my own life: 17 was a very vulnerable age – well it was for me back in the 90s. I felt pressure to be skinny. I stopped eating and focused on trying to be skinny. I don’t exactly know why but I just did. Maybe it was media or peer pressure. I still don’t know. Luckily it was short lived and I am thankful for that – others are not so lucky.

I worry that younger girls feel the pressure much more these days. 8, 10, 12 year olds by all accounts today are the 17 year olds of my day – it’s scary. Younger kids have more exposure to media these days– also social media for example didn’t exist back in the 90s. Many of my “models” have made comments that they felt urged to take part in the campaign to show their girls there is another way.

Women always seems to be judged on their looks – “isn’t she lovely”, not on their talents as much. We often see a young attractive woman presenting on TV with a much older male but not the other way around. This is more than an isolated issue - it limits women's career opportunities. Female TV presenters often retire before their male counterparts and not out of choice. Roles in movies for ladies over 40 are pretty few and far between. Young slim models are used in advertising and this unrealistic "norm" is almost always often photoshopped to show something completely unattainable. This gives women and girls a completely unrealistic idea about what a normal body shape is and leaves them believing they are the only person in the world with cellulite.
I can't change the world but I can in my own small way do something about this hence the campaign to use a diversity of women in my advertising.

The campaign today and into the future

The campaign is flying today and gaining strength week on week. We now have nearly 50 women who have volunteered to participate and this is ongoing. Each of these ladies is a hero to me and I cannot find words to say how much I appreciate their support. I would like to keep it going indefinitely if I can. I am always buying new stock so that's a definite possibility. there has been an amazing response to the campaign and I have had many inquiries but unfortunately I can't include every one of them in the campaign, I would go out of business. The social media numbers are growing by the day.

Social Media and follower numbers

Some of the PRESS / Web coverage

  • Irish Independent (national newspaper Ireland):
  • Irish mirror (national newspaper, Ireland):
  • Daily Edge (Leading News site):
  • Yahoo.com
  • Interviews on several radio stations
  • Articles in many blogs

  • The #EveryBodyInAds models - the stars of the show!

    A handful of the nearly 40 volunteer models are featured below. Every one has her own story to tell and these are the real heroes of the campaign. I salute them!

    “The idea of using average women wearing these stunning pieces of jewellery is wonderful and unique. Most women don't have the perfect hair, skin, nails and figure ,that models in advertising appear to have, but still look very good and still enjoy wearing nice jewellery. “

    “I have spent a lifetime battling my weight and feeling ashamed for being the 'wrong' size. Having my daughter made me realise I couldn't bear the thought of her feeling inadequate or ashamed because of what she weighed or what dress size she wore, and that fired me up to try and make a change about how women and their bodies are perceived. “
    Michelle Marie  

    “I was extremely Inspired to read your short piece on how you want normal everyday non Model women to feature on your site to model your glamorous pieces of jewellery... I think this is a great way to get women to feel confident in themselves again and to show their inner and outer beauty.”

    “I love your campaign. I hate that everywhere on social media all you see is willowy young things with clear skin selling everything from makeup to cars. What about the rest of us?!” -

    I think the real women campaign is wonderful, it's a joy to see so many diverse looking women. Too often the images we see of women in advertising are just not relatable.”
    Jan O’S

    “I was drawn to the fact that Fiona, the brains behind Trinkets Jewellery is using women like me, you, and her over there to advertise her products. She isn’t using models, photoshopped, and giving an unrealistic view on how we should look…. She is using all shapes and sizes, us!”

    Because I think #EveryBody real women should be in advertising I joined this campaign from trinketsjewellery.com It is already time to see more realistic beauty in ads.


    The #EveryBodyInAds models - the stars of the show!

    My involvement.

    I was myself ruluctant to take part in this campaign with my own picture (I know how ironic!). After some soul searching and discussion with my business partner and husband Ciaran I decided I could not ask others to do what I would not do myself so i took the plunge. Let's hope the campaign continues to go from strength to strength in 2016 and beyond.

    Thanks again to all who have taken part and supported the campaign in any way!!! xx Fiona